Peripheral Guide Wires

ASAHI Gaia® PV 0.018 inch

Tapered coil and micro cone tip allows for high penetration and ease of advancement. High tip load allows for deflection and navigation.

Tip Load
Tip Radiopacity15 cm
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Tip Shape

Ordering Information

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ProductCatalog No.Tip ShapeLength (CM)Diameter (INCH(MM))Radiopaque Segment (CM)Spring Coil (CM)Coating
ASAHI Gaia PV 0.018 inch, 200 cmPHW18R102P Pre-shaped 2000.014/0.018
1515Hydrophilic* with Uncoated Distal Tip
ASAHI Gaia PV 0.018 inch, 300 cmPHW18R302P Pre-shaped 3000.014/0.018
1515Hydrophilic* with Uncoated Distal Tip
*Coated with SLIP-COAT® coating
Indications for Use

This product is intended to facilitate the placement and exchange of diagnostic and therapeutic devices during intravascular procedures. This device is intended for peripheral vascular use only.

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